Saturday, September 29, 2007

Software for Switchers (as well as longtime Mac users) Part II: VLC player

For part II of my series of software recommendations for switchers I have chosen a rather famous media player that is a must have in the PC world also: the VLC player. While Quicktime is a good player and very "Mac", I like the VLC player a lot better because it supports almost every codec out there without having to install plugins. The UI is very Mac-like also. I especially like the cool player control bezel that appears when you are in fullscreen mode (wonder why the Windows version isn't this stylish). The VLC player is one of the most useful, complete, customizable players out there and free software under the GNU general public license. So if you haven't installed this application yet it is time that you do.

Oh, and I almost can also control VLC player with the Apple remote which is really nice.


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