Monday, September 10, 2007

Is the Mac a better PC?

Since Apple has switched its processors to Intel you are able to run Windows (XP SP2 integrated, Vista) natively on your Mac via Boot Camp. Now the question that I ask myself is: Is a Mac the better PC?

I would have to say it depends.

  • If you are someone who loves to fiddle around with your PC upgrading parts all the time a Mac probably isn't what you want to get.
  • If you are in need of an ultra portable laptop you're out of luck. Currently the Macbook is the most portable laptop Apple has to offer.
  • If you are a gamer a Mac probably isn't the better PC for you neither, unless you have tons of money and can afford to buy a Mac Pro.
But for all the other consumer groups (students, home users, offices, etc.) the Mac just might be the better PC after all.

Let me allow to explain:

  • The hardware itself is really good...only brand components are used.
  • A lot of useful features are integrated in all the models (iSight cam; function keys for volume, display; a remote)
  • Obviously the style factor;) Hardware wise and software wise (take the volume bezels for example that are now integrated into the Boot Camp drivers).
But more than anything else what I really think is superior to any PC out there is the driver CD that Boot Camp creates for you. You have all the drivers on ONE CD and all you have to do is click a few times and reboot and all the hardware is ready to go. This makes it really comfortable to install Windows on a Mac-and yes I would even go as far as saying installing Windows on a Mac is easier/more comfortable than installing Windows on a regular PC.
Even the price argument isn't true anymore-Macs used to be more expensive than regular PCs but nowadays the price difference isn't that big anymore. (A Macbook similar PC laptop costs usually as much as the MB; in many cases they are even more expensive).

So if you are in a need of a new PC maybe you'd consider buying a Mac. In my opinion a Mac can be the better PC. And if you should get tired of Windows you even have the opportunity to use a very stable, easy to use operating system.

Interesting blog entry by an Microsoft employee


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Camnio said...

My boss and I have had this conversation with pc vs mac.