Friday, September 14, 2007

Software for Switchers (as well as longtime Mac users) Part I: Image viewer Xee

I would like to start a new series of blog entries for switchers that introduces some free-ware and shareware software that in my opinion is especially useful to switchers. However, there may be some gems for longtime Mac users as well.

For Part I, I have chosen the image viewer called Xee. When I switched to Mac I had my share of complaints concerning the Preview application of OS X. Firstly, I didn't really think that Preview was a lightweight, fast image viewer. Don't get me wrong I think Preview is a good application but for my needs it was a bit too much features and a little too slow (I don't need my image viewer to be able to open pdf files for example). What I missed the most however was that there was no possibility of scrolling through all the images in a folder by just opening one random image. I know that you can select all the images you want to preview and drag them into Preview but that's just too much of a hassle for me. So I started to search for an image viewer like the one XP has...simple, lightweight, fast and most importantly with the function of scrolling through a folder full of images. What I have found is Xee. It is a really simple image viewer that suits my needs perfectly and on top it is free-ware. Another feature that surely is very interesting is the fact that you can preview images inside of archives (it requires you to install The Unarchiver though).

I hope that many of you will check this image viewer out. As I have mentioned above Xee resembles the preview utility in XP very much and I think this might be just the image viewing application that switchers are looking for.


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