Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Apple and Steve vs. the iPhone Hackers

Now, as many of you already might have read, Apple announced that with the next firmware update of the iPhone, hacked iPhones might turn into bricks. This has caused quite a stir the last couple of days and even a hack appeared that will "unhack" your iPhone.
So what will happen to the iPhone? Will the iPhone hackers disappear and start hacking other products? Unlikely. If you use all the hacks available at this moment, you get a more powerful iPhone than the shipped version by Apple. If Apple should decide to "brick" all hacked iPhones there probably will be a way to unbrick the iPhones but do you really want to?
I think if Apple should decide to brick all hacked iPhones that might be the wrong thing to do. This could even motivate the hackers' community to start developing their very own firmware and you can bet that this would be more powerful than the regular Apple iPhone. As mentioned above an iPhone with all the available hacks applied is already more powerful than the standard iPhone (you can install a chat application, colloquy and much more). It will be interesting to watch if Steve and Apple really do make their threat come true.


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