Monday, September 17, 2007

And the winners of the giveaway contests are....

The invisible shield full body set goes to "Anninchen".
invisible shieldの勝者は”Anninchen"です。
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Anninchen. Das invisible shield full body set geht an Dich und Deine(n) beste/n Freund/in, Deinem geliebten Macbook:) Ich hoffe Ihr freut Euch beide darüber. Bitte schicke mir noch Deine Adresse an meine Emailadresse macbookblog_at_gmail_dot_com (die habe ich leider nicht) und dann werde ich das invisible shield so schnell wie möglich an Dich weiterschicken.

The Steermouse license goes to hendrik. Since you didn't write your real name not sure how to address you, but you had the most impressive feature request list of all the email I have gotten. The Steermouse team will contact you about the license key in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy having Steermouse as much as I do and wish you a nice week.
Die Steermouse Lizenz geht an hendrik.
スタアーマウスのライセンスは hendrikさんがもらえます。

To all the other participants thanks for participating and supporting my blog. There is no need to be sad though...I will probably announce another giveaway contest this weekend so check back regularly or just subscribe to the RSS feed. The more of you participate the more companies I can convince to give me extra samples that I can give away to you guys. Thank you once again for participating. I wish you all a nice week.


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