Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten things I LOVE about my Macbook

1) I love the size of the Macbook. 13.3 inch size is the perfect compromise between mobility and comfort. I can carry my Macbook around easily and it is still comfortable enough to use as an desktop replacement at home.

2) I love the power adapter. Why can't every notebook manufacturer make their power adapters this small? My previous notebook had an adapter that was almost three times the size of Apple's and weighed like a ton. I also like the little hooks you can open to roll up your power cord. This is just a sweet little feature. And the magnetic connector! This is another sweet little invention. No more broken notebooks because you accidently tripped over your power cord while going to the bathroom at night:-)

3) I love the glossy display. YES, I said it. I love the glossy display. I do not understand why so many people complain about this. I can live with the little reflections I get. In exchange I get really nice colors and in my opinion a more "expensive" look of the Macbook.

4) I love the fact that all the ports are on one side! I don't have to remember where specific ports are and since I am right handed nothing comes in the way while using my mouse.

5) I love the keyboard of the Macbook. It looks different, it looks sweet, it feels sweet and typing is just fun on this one.

6) I love the trackpad. It's larger than most other trackpads I've seen and you have enough area you can go wild on:-) I love that there is only one-button and the right click (tap on the pad with two fingers). I also love the scroll feature (two fingers method).

7) I love the closing mechanism of the lid. Using magnets is ingenious! No ugly hooks sticking out of the lid!

8) I love the iSight! No more big ugly webcams clipped to my display! No more extra weight to carry just to be able to video chat on travel.

9) I love the Apple Remote shipped with the Macbooks. It's just handy. I also love that you can clip the remote to the lid (white part of the display) since there are magnets in there. Not sure if this was intended or not but it sure is a nice place to keep your remote. (I'm the type of guy who loses his key in his apartment!)

10) Finally I love the looks I get from people when I sit in a library or a café with my MB. I love it even more that some people even start talking to you about the Macbook even though you haven't seen them once in your life.

Do you have aspects you love about your Macbook (concerning the hardware not OS X)? If not listed in my personal 10 Things list I would be delighted if you shared them in the comments:-)


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poll: Next review / 次のレビュー / Nächster Testbericht

To all the readers of my blog: For the next 6 days there is a poll on the right hand side where you can vote on which product review you would like to read next. It is just so that I can see which product category interests my readers the most. After the poll closes I will post the review of the winning alternative. Well, I guess it is up to you guys now---so please vote. You can also leave comments why the next review should be the alternative you selected. I will try to consider your wishes the best possible way so this blog can become even better and better.

In den nächsten 6 Tagen könnt Ihr, die Leser meines noch neuen Blogs, abstimmen, welches Produkt als nächstes getestet werden soll. Der Testbericht wird dann innerhalb von wenigen Tagen nach dem Schluss der Umfrage gepostet werden. Es interessiert mich sehr was meine Leser interessiert und ich würde mich über eine zahlreiche Teilnahme sehr freuen---also los geht's!


List of upcoming reviews


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mr. Clean's magical effect! -Mr. Clean Magic Eraser/Meister Proper Schmutzradierer

So I couldn't resist using the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers I got the other day.
Even though my Macbook wasn't that dirty you can see the magical effects it had on the top case. Please take a look at the zoomed in part. Judging from the enormous cleaning abilities of these little bad boys I'd say it is enough if you use this sponge once every two months. Well, this was it for now...I will be writing a more detailed cleaning tutorial (describing my cleaning ritual) soon.
For anyone who is interested in how the Magic Erasers work check out these links:



Friday, July 27, 2007

The probably most pimped out Macbook

MacBook Front View

While surfing flickr to kill some time I found the probably most pimped out Macbook out there--and in my opinion it looks good. I especially like the logo on the back and the color-coded keyboard.

For more info click here


Another cool Ikea hack...for PCs

ikea hacker: hol computer case

Here is another beautifully done Ikea hack.
If you still own an old PC and want it to melt into your living room; this is a hack for you!


Ein toller Ikea Hack für alle, die noch einen alten PC haben, der ein neues Gewand bekommen soll.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meister Proper Schmutzradierer / The magic eraser

I purchased the famous Magic Eraser today. Unfortunately, I can't use them because my Macbook (white) isn't that dirty yet. But as soon as the Macbook gets dirty you can expect a full review and a how-to-clean article.

Heute wurde der Schmutzradierer von Meister Proper gekauft. Leider kann ich noch keinen Testbericht schreiben, da ich diesen Radierer noch nicht benutzen werde---Macbook ist leider einfach noch zu sauber. Aber sobald es sich lohnt mal wieder kräftig zu putzen wird ein Erfahrungsbericht gepostet.

今日、Magic Eraserと言うスポンジを購入しました。ネットの情報によるとこのスポンジは特にMacbookをきれいにするために使えるそうです。残念ながらMacbookがまだあまり汚れていないのでレビューはまた今度です。楽しみにしていてください。


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update: Logitech Control Center / Wichtig: Logitech Control Center / 大事 ロジクール VX Revolution

There is a bug with the Logitech Control Center (2.2.2 for Mac) which causes Kernel Panics. I will post a workaround as soon as I find one.

Wichtiges Update:
Aufgrund eines Bugs in der Logitech Control Center Software kann es unter Mac zu vermehrten Kernel Panics kommen. Sobald ich eine Lösung des Problems gefunden habe wird es hier gepostet.

ロジクールのドライバーをマックで使用すると、時々 Kernel Panicが起こります。まだこのバグのワークアラウンドは見つかりませんけど、見つけ次第ここにポストしたいと思っています。


Edit: So I have tried many LCC versions (from 2.0 up to 2.1.4) but all were either buggy or wouldn't recognize my VX Revolution. For the time being I would recommend using Steer Mouse (http://plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/). It is not a permanent solution but it is better than installing the buggy LCC software. If anyone has other recommendations please post it in the comments. I'd be glad to hear any suggestions. If I have time and there is any interest out there I will be posting a software review of Steermouse soon.

残念ながら今の所、ワークアラウンドは無いそうです。ですからぼくはステアマウスと言うソフトを使っています。これだと Quick Search Button が使えないのが少々残念です。

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

Review: Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

Specifications: Advanced Laser Technology, 2.4 Ghz Receiver, Hyper Fast Scrolling, Touch to Search

The Logitech VX Revolution Mouse is sold as a notebook mouse. The USB receiver for example slides into the mouse from the back (A neat feature: by sliding in the receiver the mouse automatically turns off to save battery). However, this mouse is not the classic notebook mouse because its size is slightly bigger than your average notebook mouse. It is smaller than a desktop mouse also---so it is kind of between the two categories. People with smaller hands will appreciate this mouse because it is a perfect compromise between mobility and comfort---as it is in my case. What I also like is the fact that the mouse only needs one battery-this makes the mouse a whole lot lighter than the usual desktop cordless mice. People with bigger hands should reconsider since I can imagine that the mouse won’t be as comfortable as for people with smaller to medium hands. If your looking for an ultra-portable notebook mouse you may take a look at the recently released mouse: VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse.

Now into the technical details: This is a laser mouse and you can use it on almost any surface. Up until now I haven’t found a single surface where the mouse wouldn’t work. Next is the new scrolling technology Logitech introduced with the MX revolution mouse: Hyper-fast Scrolling. Unfortunately, with the VX Revolution you have to use a switch at the bottom to switch between normal scrolling speed and hyper-fast scrolling. I find this very uncomfortable and this is definitely a small minus. The mouse wheel is made of steel (I think) with a rubber overlay and it is gorgeous---scrolling is just fun with this mouse. The zoom slider is also a very nice feature. However, I configured the slider to control the volume since I do not use the zoom function that often. You have the standard forward-back thumb buttons which you can configure with almost anything you want via the Logitech Control Center (Mac) or the Logitech Setpoint Software (Win). The quick search button is actually a very very convenient little button. I have it configured to use Spotlight; for example you can highlight a word in a document and click the quick search button and immediately spotlight searches anything containing the word you highlighted. You can also set it to search google, whatever you like. At this point I have to mention the Logitech software: it is amazing. You can set for any application a specific mouse profile. So maybe the global setting for a certain button is double-click but in Firefox the very same button is set for middle-click. I hope you get the point. This is quite useful.

Bottom line: The Logitech VX Revolution mouse is one fine piece of hardware. I recommend this mouse to people with small to medium hands. It’s also nice that this mouse can be used on a Mac and a PC. The only negative point about this mouse is the annoyance I mentioned above about switching the scroll speeds--but other than that there is no contra against this mouse.


Crumpler: The slip for Macbook 13.3

Size: 29.5 cm * 20 cm

Color: silver-grey

Material: Micro fibre cloth

Review: The Crumpler The Slip can be primarily used as a sheet of cloth you put between the screen and your keyboard. This protects the display from getting ugly scratches by the keyboard. Many of you will think, well nice, but 14€ (street price) for some display protection is overpriced. You guys are right. However, the Crumpler Slip is more than just protection. It can be used to clean your display and the body of your Macbook. It cleans the Macbook (display and body) surprisingly good. I think the reason for this is the superior material of this cloth. I personally think that the slip is made of a much more finer micro fibre cloth than the usual stuff you can find at some stores. You will appreciate the cleaning abilities of this product especially on the road. For example to clean off fingerprints on your display etc. The third and last use for this product is as a mousepad. I use mine often as a mousepad for my little notebook mouse when I am on the road or in the library researching. The mouse reacts very accurately and slides easily and there is no need to carry around a mousepad.

So if I had to rate this product: I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. I especially like the design (logo), the high class material and the amazing cleaning abilities. I feel the price is still rather high. At a street price of 10-12€ this product would be a no-brainer. I hope this review was helpful and keep checking because there are more reviews coming up.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Upcoming reviews / Nächsten Testberichte / 今後のレビュー

Here is a short list of the upcoming product reviews:
Liste der nächsten Testberichte:

-Incase Sling Pack (black)
-Logitech VX Revolution Mouse
-Antec Notebook Cooler
-Macally iKey 5 (keyboard layout: German)
-Tucano Second Skin (black) 13.3
-Incase Neoprene Sleeve (black/green) 13.3
-Crumpler The Slip, for Macbook 13.3


Thursday, July 12, 2007

July's Windows XP Desktop

Since I use Windows XP via Boot Camp: here is my current XP desktop.
Wallpaper: by manicho at deviantart.com (Lonely Speaker)
Icons: interfacelift.com (in the Windows section)
Theme: Inspirat by StefanKa at deviantart (installed via UXThemePatcher: Neowin Forums)


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Internet Crash???

Breaking news:
The Internet crashed...the reason a Mac-User who overloaded the Internet.
Complete Coverage:


PS: 楽しんでもらえましたでしょうか? ^^

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July's Desktop / 七月のデスクトップ




This is my July's desktop. Hope you guy like it. All the icons were downloaded from interfacelift.com and the wallpaper was made by manicho at deviantart.com


Monday, July 9, 2007

Alternative use for your old iBook

So you have bought yourself a Macbook. Congratulations...but what to do with your old iBook? Sell it? Maybe it has a broken display? Well, look no further. I present you a creative use for your old iBook (in fact for any notebook). I found this interesting project on this blog: www.c-h-a-o-s.com
If you want to build your very own iBook Server be sure to check out the blog and the instructions on how to build it. It has many more projects that sound very interesting so check it out if you have time.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

IKEA and the Macbook? IKEA hacks for the crafty MB user.

As a weekend treat I would like to introduce some interesting IKEA hacks that I found on the internet regarding the Macbook (as a matter of fact for any notebook). I found an awesome blog entry on www.ikeahacker.blogspot.com. It has besides the three hacks below many others so be sure to check it out. My personal favorite is the modified stool you can get at any IKEA around the globe. I hope to find some time soon so I can make me my own IKEA-Macbook stand so watch out for that. Well, this was it for now. Enjoy the pics and start getting creative.

Heute möchte ich gerne einige Ikea Hacks vorstellen, die ich auf www.ikeahacker.blogspot.com gefunden habe. Es handelt sich hierbei um Notebookständer, die aus sehr günstigen Ikea Artikeln hergestellt wurden. Mein persönlicher Favorit ist der Notebookständer, der aus dem Ikea Hocker hergestellt wurde. Neben diesen Hacks sind noch zahlreiche andere interessante Sachen auf www.ikeahacker.blogspot.com zu finden, also lohnt es sich auf alle Fälle diesen Blog mal zu durchstöbern.

今回のポストでは、皆さんにおもしろいブログを紹介したいと思います。www.ikeahacker.blogspot.com です。このブログでは皆さんもご存知だと思うIKEAと言う会社の家具をハックして工夫して全く新しい物を作り出す事を目標としています。特におもしろいハックを探し出してみました。個人的、特に椅子のハックが気に入っています。時間があったら是非自分でも作ってみたいです。


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Review of LiteIcon: Just like Candybar!

As the first review for this newly created blog I’ve chosen the application LiteIcon (donationware). It can be found here: http://www.freemacsoft.net/LiteIcon.html. The decision was made pretty easy after I read multiple threads in various Mac forums asking if there was an alternate application out there similar to Candybar.
For those who never heard of this little application let me explain in a few words. It’s actually pretty much like Candybar the popular desktop customization utility to change your icons - with only one difference: It’s donationware!
The icons you can change very easily are divided into four categories: General, Folders, Devices, Dock and Others. To replace an icon you just have to drag the icon into the dwell of the icon to change...very similar to Candybar. One really useful thing I like about this application is the “Relaunch Finder” button at the top. You may have to relaunch the Finder for some of the system icons to change. In the worst case you have to logout or reboot your machine - but this is no different than from Candybar. Another useful option can be found under the File menu: Restore all icons. Users of Pixadex will be glad to hear that LiteIcon is compatible with it also.
The only feature that I miss is an easy option to change application icons and other icons that are not listed in the four sections I mentioned earlier. Despite of this missing feature LiteIcon is a worthy alternative to Candybar and I think desktop customizers with a tight budget should check out this fine piece of software.


Friday, July 6, 2007

The birth of yet another blog dedicated to the Macbook/Willkommen/はじめまして

Here is another blog dedicated to the Macbook. This blog will be written in English, German and Japanese so it can reach the widest audience possible. The more important posts will be kept in English so everyone can enjoy them. Well, I guess we'll see where this blog will lead us to.



このブログは Macbookを中心にしています。今後 Macbookについて色々ブログしたいと思います。ポストは日本語、英語とドイツ語を使いたいと思っています。そうする事で出来るだけ沢山の読者を引きつけたいです。応援よろしくお願いします。


Hallo an alle neuen Leser,
dieser Blog wird wie vom Namen ersichtlich hauptsaechlich um das Macbook von Apple handeln. Ich werde diesen Blog in drei Sprachen versuchen zu aktualisieren, damit viele Leser aus aller Welt diesen Blog verfolgen koennen.