Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten things I LOVE about my Macbook

1) I love the size of the Macbook. 13.3 inch size is the perfect compromise between mobility and comfort. I can carry my Macbook around easily and it is still comfortable enough to use as an desktop replacement at home.

2) I love the power adapter. Why can't every notebook manufacturer make their power adapters this small? My previous notebook had an adapter that was almost three times the size of Apple's and weighed like a ton. I also like the little hooks you can open to roll up your power cord. This is just a sweet little feature. And the magnetic connector! This is another sweet little invention. No more broken notebooks because you accidently tripped over your power cord while going to the bathroom at night:-)

3) I love the glossy display. YES, I said it. I love the glossy display. I do not understand why so many people complain about this. I can live with the little reflections I get. In exchange I get really nice colors and in my opinion a more "expensive" look of the Macbook.

4) I love the fact that all the ports are on one side! I don't have to remember where specific ports are and since I am right handed nothing comes in the way while using my mouse.

5) I love the keyboard of the Macbook. It looks different, it looks sweet, it feels sweet and typing is just fun on this one.

6) I love the trackpad. It's larger than most other trackpads I've seen and you have enough area you can go wild on:-) I love that there is only one-button and the right click (tap on the pad with two fingers). I also love the scroll feature (two fingers method).

7) I love the closing mechanism of the lid. Using magnets is ingenious! No ugly hooks sticking out of the lid!

8) I love the iSight! No more big ugly webcams clipped to my display! No more extra weight to carry just to be able to video chat on travel.

9) I love the Apple Remote shipped with the Macbooks. It's just handy. I also love that you can clip the remote to the lid (white part of the display) since there are magnets in there. Not sure if this was intended or not but it sure is a nice place to keep your remote. (I'm the type of guy who loses his key in his apartment!)

10) Finally I love the looks I get from people when I sit in a library or a café with my MB. I love it even more that some people even start talking to you about the Macbook even though you haven't seen them once in your life.

Do you have aspects you love about your Macbook (concerning the hardware not OS X)? If not listed in my personal 10 Things list I would be delighted if you shared them in the comments:-)


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