Saturday, July 7, 2007

Review of LiteIcon: Just like Candybar!

As the first review for this newly created blog I’ve chosen the application LiteIcon (donationware). It can be found here: The decision was made pretty easy after I read multiple threads in various Mac forums asking if there was an alternate application out there similar to Candybar.
For those who never heard of this little application let me explain in a few words. It’s actually pretty much like Candybar the popular desktop customization utility to change your icons - with only one difference: It’s donationware!
The icons you can change very easily are divided into four categories: General, Folders, Devices, Dock and Others. To replace an icon you just have to drag the icon into the dwell of the icon to change...very similar to Candybar. One really useful thing I like about this application is the “Relaunch Finder” button at the top. You may have to relaunch the Finder for some of the system icons to change. In the worst case you have to logout or reboot your machine - but this is no different than from Candybar. Another useful option can be found under the File menu: Restore all icons. Users of Pixadex will be glad to hear that LiteIcon is compatible with it also.
The only feature that I miss is an easy option to change application icons and other icons that are not listed in the four sections I mentioned earlier. Despite of this missing feature LiteIcon is a worthy alternative to Candybar and I think desktop customizers with a tight budget should check out this fine piece of software.



Anonymous said...

To clarify: LiteIcon isn't free, it's donationware. The developer spends real time creating that app, and they deserve compensation for their efforts.

MB-switcher said...

I'm sorry about that. I guess I didn't read carefully enough. I never meant to say that the developers don't deserve money. Post will be modified. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. I appreciate it.