Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mr. Clean's magical effect! -Mr. Clean Magic Eraser/Meister Proper Schmutzradierer

So I couldn't resist using the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers I got the other day.
Even though my Macbook wasn't that dirty you can see the magical effects it had on the top case. Please take a look at the zoomed in part. Judging from the enormous cleaning abilities of these little bad boys I'd say it is enough if you use this sponge once every two months. Well, this was it for now...I will be writing a more detailed cleaning tutorial (describing my cleaning ritual) soon.
For anyone who is interested in how the Magic Erasers work check out these links:




Axton.Myers said...

Where is the dirt comparison? I don't see any before pictures? It *does* look fresh out of the box, though ;)

MB-switcher said...

Hi, thanks for commenting. If you look closely in the zoomed in part you can see a slight line going through (the area between the keys and the little bump). Unfortunately the results of cleaning the Macbook didn't show too well on the pictures I made. But watch out I used the Magic Eraser on another dirtier MB and found another way to show the effects that these little bad boys have on a macbook. So please watch out for that.
I will probably post that with a detailed cleaning how-to I am currently writing.