Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crumpler: The slip for Macbook 13.3

Size: 29.5 cm * 20 cm

Color: silver-grey

Material: Micro fibre cloth

Review: The Crumpler The Slip can be primarily used as a sheet of cloth you put between the screen and your keyboard. This protects the display from getting ugly scratches by the keyboard. Many of you will think, well nice, but 14€ (street price) for some display protection is overpriced. You guys are right. However, the Crumpler Slip is more than just protection. It can be used to clean your display and the body of your Macbook. It cleans the Macbook (display and body) surprisingly good. I think the reason for this is the superior material of this cloth. I personally think that the slip is made of a much more finer micro fibre cloth than the usual stuff you can find at some stores. You will appreciate the cleaning abilities of this product especially on the road. For example to clean off fingerprints on your display etc. The third and last use for this product is as a mousepad. I use mine often as a mousepad for my little notebook mouse when I am on the road or in the library researching. The mouse reacts very accurately and slides easily and there is no need to carry around a mousepad.

So if I had to rate this product: I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. I especially like the design (logo), the high class material and the amazing cleaning abilities. I feel the price is still rather high. At a street price of 10-12€ this product would be a no-brainer. I hope this review was helpful and keep checking because there are more reviews coming up.


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