Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update: Logitech Control Center / Wichtig: Logitech Control Center / 大事 ロジクール VX Revolution

There is a bug with the Logitech Control Center (2.2.2 for Mac) which causes Kernel Panics. I will post a workaround as soon as I find one.

Wichtiges Update:
Aufgrund eines Bugs in der Logitech Control Center Software kann es unter Mac zu vermehrten Kernel Panics kommen. Sobald ich eine Lösung des Problems gefunden habe wird es hier gepostet.

ロジクールのドライバーをマックで使用すると、時々 Kernel Panicが起こります。まだこのバグのワークアラウンドは見つかりませんけど、見つけ次第ここにポストしたいと思っています。


Edit: So I have tried many LCC versions (from 2.0 up to 2.1.4) but all were either buggy or wouldn't recognize my VX Revolution. For the time being I would recommend using Steer Mouse ( It is not a permanent solution but it is better than installing the buggy LCC software. If anyone has other recommendations please post it in the comments. I'd be glad to hear any suggestions. If I have time and there is any interest out there I will be posting a software review of Steermouse soon.

残念ながら今の所、ワークアラウンドは無いそうです。ですからぼくはステアマウスと言うソフトを使っています。これだと Quick Search Button が使えないのが少々残念です。

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