Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

Review: Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

Specifications: Advanced Laser Technology, 2.4 Ghz Receiver, Hyper Fast Scrolling, Touch to Search

The Logitech VX Revolution Mouse is sold as a notebook mouse. The USB receiver for example slides into the mouse from the back (A neat feature: by sliding in the receiver the mouse automatically turns off to save battery). However, this mouse is not the classic notebook mouse because its size is slightly bigger than your average notebook mouse. It is smaller than a desktop mouse also---so it is kind of between the two categories. People with smaller hands will appreciate this mouse because it is a perfect compromise between mobility and comfort---as it is in my case. What I also like is the fact that the mouse only needs one battery-this makes the mouse a whole lot lighter than the usual desktop cordless mice. People with bigger hands should reconsider since I can imagine that the mouse won’t be as comfortable as for people with smaller to medium hands. If your looking for an ultra-portable notebook mouse you may take a look at the recently released mouse: VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse.

Now into the technical details: This is a laser mouse and you can use it on almost any surface. Up until now I haven’t found a single surface where the mouse wouldn’t work. Next is the new scrolling technology Logitech introduced with the MX revolution mouse: Hyper-fast Scrolling. Unfortunately, with the VX Revolution you have to use a switch at the bottom to switch between normal scrolling speed and hyper-fast scrolling. I find this very uncomfortable and this is definitely a small minus. The mouse wheel is made of steel (I think) with a rubber overlay and it is gorgeous---scrolling is just fun with this mouse. The zoom slider is also a very nice feature. However, I configured the slider to control the volume since I do not use the zoom function that often. You have the standard forward-back thumb buttons which you can configure with almost anything you want via the Logitech Control Center (Mac) or the Logitech Setpoint Software (Win). The quick search button is actually a very very convenient little button. I have it configured to use Spotlight; for example you can highlight a word in a document and click the quick search button and immediately spotlight searches anything containing the word you highlighted. You can also set it to search google, whatever you like. At this point I have to mention the Logitech software: it is amazing. You can set for any application a specific mouse profile. So maybe the global setting for a certain button is double-click but in Firefox the very same button is set for middle-click. I hope you get the point. This is quite useful.

Bottom line: The Logitech VX Revolution mouse is one fine piece of hardware. I recommend this mouse to people with small to medium hands. It’s also nice that this mouse can be used on a Mac and a PC. The only negative point about this mouse is the annoyance I mentioned above about switching the scroll speeds--but other than that there is no contra against this mouse.


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