Friday, November 16, 2007

How to remove your invisible shields

Official homepage: shieldzone
Reviews: (English, Deutsch, 日本語
My personal strength test (invisible shield)
Unpacking pictures

Since I have received a product sample from (palmguard) I had to remove the trackpad shields and the palmrest shields and thought I'll post a little blog entry on how to remove your invisible shields.
Here are some points to remember:

Peel the shields off starting from a corner just like you would when you remove a sticker. Try to peel it off in a 90 degree angle.
Do it SLOWLY! If you rush it there will be some residue left on the Macbook.
Optional: use a hairdryer to heat up the shield. This will make it easier to remove the shields.

I have rushed it a little on my first shield that I removed and there was some residue left but don't worry...with a little elbow grease and a wet soft cloth you should be able to remove all the residue that might be left. At least that was the case for me.


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