Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Review: Raedan Macbook bag/case

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Official homepage: Raedan


If you are a long time reader of Days of our Macbooks you probably know that the Tucano Second Skin for the Macbook 13,3" was one of the first reviews that I have published. Amazingly, this review is still one of the most popular reviews on my blog. I guess there is a general interest in Macbook bags and sleeves. So to fulfill this demand I have decided to test out another Macbook bag/case. I picked one of the Raedan bags. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people at raedan.de for providing me with a product sample.


The material used for this bag is of high quality. On the outside a very easy to clean cotton textile is used and the inside of this bag is padded with a very soft synthetic material. There is no way that anything will scratch your Macbook while using this case in my opinion.


I have received the bag called Creme Brulee Martini and I must admit the design is very cool. It's a collage of newspaper clippings from all over the world. Since I am at my university's library often lately this design just fits perfectly - if you know what I mean:) When you visit Raedan's homepage you will see some more uniquely designed bags. You basically can find anything from unique and crazy to simple and elegant. I have no doubt that everyone can find a bag that suits his/her style. If you are looking for a Macbook bag that nobody around you has, then raedan.de is a good place to start looking.

The fit and protection

The bag is fitted perfectly for the Macbooks. At first I even thought that the fit was a bit too exact. However, after a few days of use the bag's material loosened up a little (I think) and now the fit is really perfect. As for the protection this bag offers...I think it gives you at least the same protection that the Tucano Second Sleeve offers. Obviously, you shouldn't drop your Macbook but for the daily light bumps that you get when you carry your Macbook in a backpack or a messenger bag it should be more than enough.

My final thoughts

The quality of the Raedan bags is very good and I can honestly recommend these bags. If you are someone looking for a fresh bag that is unique; well, I think you have found the bags you have been looking for. I find myself walking around with my Macbook under my arm, wrapped in this bag, quite often these past few days. But keep in mind that quality and design has its price. The bags start at 30 euros and there are some that are priced more than 50. However, if you keep in mind that a Tucano Skin costs around 20 euros and a Incase sleeve around 30 - than you can consider these bags a bargain actually.



iBook_g4 said...

Ich finde deine Aktionen Klasse!
Ich würde mich sehr über diese Tasche freuen!
Hab leider noch keine für mein 13 '' MacBook =)
ibook_g4 @ Apfeltalk

Chillakalle said...


ist ja eine sehr schicke Tasche.

Ich finde nur, dass Macbook-Taschen generell überteuert sind. Diese ist mit 30€ noch im leistbaren Bereich, aber das ginge trotzdem noch günstiger.

Übrigens, netter Blog. So bessert man sich ganz nebenbei noch die Englischkenntnisse auf. Nice!


Anonymous said...

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Iphonesia said...

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