Saturday, October 6, 2007

Software for Switchers (as well as longtime Mac users) Part III: Skim

After having posted an image viewer and a media player in Part I and Part II of this little series I have decided that Part III will be a pdf reader. I personally love Skim. It is open source and it is way faster than the Adobe counterpart. I didn't like Adobe's Reader under XP either so finding an alternative in OS X was a must. What is so special about Skim?

  • Well, first: it is way faster than Adobe in my opinion.
  • Second: it has some really neat features that is really useful for students, academics, etc.
  • And finally: it is open source.
To show you what you can do in Skim I have taken a screenshot in which I have used most of the features that I love about Skim. Take a look!

stickies, lines, circles, highlighting...


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