Monday, October 1, 2007

The mouseglider: a mousepad alternative

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Official home of the mouseglider

The mouseglider is a unique accessory product for your mouse. It is hard to describe what it's a mousepad in a way, a protector for your skin in another, makes your mouse move faster on hard really is something unique that you have to have in front of you.

What does the mouseglider do?

Well, it can be used as a replacement for your mousepad but it can also be used in conjunction with your mousepad. The primary goal of mouseglider in my opinion is to improve the usability of your mouse and most importantly the comfort while using your mouse.
Now how does the mouseglider improve the usability of a mouse you might ask. It actually does this very nicely by reducing the friction that is caused while moving your mouse on a hard surface (like your desk). The bottom layer of the mouseglider is made out of a hard plastic layer with holes in it and it really makes your mouse move a lot faster than without the mouseglider. The first thing I had do when I started using mouseglider was to reduce the cursor speed and the cursor acceleration settings in Steermouse. The mouse literally glides on your desk with this little accessory.
Point two: improved comfort. This is actually what I like most about the mouseglider. It makes it a lot more comfortable to use your mouse. The top layer of the glider is a soft foam layer that feels very nice and soft. By having the mouseglider between your hand and the surface you use your mouse on you have better gliding as mentioned above but more importantly your fingers don't run over the desk surface which can be annoying and uncomfortable at times. This is actually what I really always have the same texture at your fingers and palm regardless of how much you move your mouse. You now may say, well, doesn't a mousepad do the same? Well, it does but the mousepad does limit you in the way that mousepads usually aren't that big and you eventually run out of space and have to reposition your hand. This obviously won't happen with the mouseglider since your whole desk is “like a mousepad”.

My personal thoughts...

Here are some of my thoughts about the mouseglider. I personally do like the mouseglider. It's a unique product and in my opinion it does its job very well; which is making the mouse glide better on your desk and improving the comfort while using the mouse. However, I must mention that at this time the mouseglider isn't suited for all mice. If you own a notebook mouse the mouseglider is not really what you want to get since with notebook mice you don't really use your hand/palm as a whole to move the mouse but rather your fingers. In this case the mousepad is the first choice in my opinion. But if you are a desktop mouse owner this product sure is worth a try. I have used my old MS intelli optical mouse to test the mouseglider the past week and after a getting-used-to period I have to say you don't want to give the mouseglider away. It is important to know that there is a need for a learning period before you can really appreciate the first it sure is kind of difficult to use your mouse with it but after a few days it gets second nature. There is an extra forearm glider also that can be attached to the mouseglider but I personally like it better without it since I do not move my forearm that much while using the mouse. If you are a gamer or somebody who moves the whole arm a lot the forearm protector might be really useful. What I really liked was that you can stick the mouseglider to your mouse with the included sticky rubber. I did this because I am a person who occasionally lifts his mouse and it would have been bothersome if you had to move the mouseglider every time you lifted your mouse. This way you do not have to worry about that.

Final thoughts

I think that if you do not like conventional mousepads you really should try out the mouseglider. It really makes it easier to work with your mouse after a short learning period. I recommend this product only to desktop mice owners like mentioned above though. And if you are somebody who uses the mouse only by moving the fingers I doubt that mouseglider is the way to go. To all other mouse users however, I do recommend this unique mouse accessory. If you visit mouseglider's homepage you will see that the inventor of mouseglider offers several sizes for different mice. I recommend contacting the mouseglider team before purchase if you are insecure about which size to get. On a ten point scale I would rate the mouseglider an 8.5 points product. There is a 1 point deduction because in my personal opinion the mouseglider is not 100% suited for notebook mice.
The half-point reduction is because for some people the mouseglider may be too unique and hard to get used to. In my case the mouseglider was just the product I have been looking for when I am using a desktop mouse.


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