Sunday, October 21, 2007

One week without my Macbook...disappointment...

It's been a week now since I gave my Macbook to a German Apple certified service provider (Gravis). I have to say I miss my Macbook's not only Vienna and my RSS feeds but it's more the simplicity of the whole system that I miss...I was forced to use PCs lately and boy am I glad I switched.
Another thing I was surprised about is the support hotline of Apple. They sure are helpful and very kind...I have to say that investing in a Protection Plan was the right thing to do.
However, there is one thing that I really dislike...the after care infrastructure in Germany is ridiculous. You can't send your Mac in for repair directly-what you have to do is give it to an Apple service provider; in my case Gravis was the only one near by. Well, after giving my Macbook to a Gravis store clerk (who really was unmotivated and kind of rude) with all the data someone would need (password, serial, invoice, APP certificate, contact data, description about the defect) the Macbook was sent to a central repair center. Please note the Macbook was left at the store on Monday (right after the store opened)...after waiting till last Friday I finally decided to check back with Gravis how the repair process was going and they haven't even started yet (at least they managed to send the Macbook to the repair center)! No wonder there has been no news about the repair status.
Up till now the whole switching experience has been great...BUT after care in Germany is a joke...I just don't get why you can't send in your Mac directly to Apple; especially when seeing how customer unfriendly their biggest service provider is.
I guess there is nothing I can do but wait...I still have hope that the Macbook might be in my hands by next Friday but I wouldn't bet on it.


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