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Review: MacCase Sleeve for the Macbook


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Here is yet another review about a Macbook sleeve after the Tucano Second Skin, Raedan case and the fabrixcase case reviews. I hope that by providing as many reviews as possible about Macbook cases and sleeves, people (switchers) will be able to choose the one that suits their needs the best.


The material of the MacCase sleeve is very good. The outside is made of a polyester, nylon type of material and seems very tough. It's basically the same material that is used for many backpacks. The inside is very soft and there should be no reason why a new Macbook should get scratched up. I have to give the highest grades concerning the materials used.


The manufacturing is very good. I really think that this is one of the best manufactured sleeves that I have seen so far. I also like how the MacCase logo is embroidered on the sleeve. It really looks cool.


As far as the padding is concerned you can safely say that this sleeve is meant for scratch protection only. The sleeve itself is so thin that you shouldn't expect a whole lot of shock protection of this case. If you look at the pictures you can see the cutout for the Apple logo which is only protected by a transparent foil. On the back there is another cutout that is only covered by a mesh material that does offer only minimal shock protection.


The design of the case is pretty unique. As mentioned above already it has a little cutout part to show off the Apple logo of your Macbook and another little cutout on the back which is covered by mesh. Supposedly, this cutout is for the Macbook to cool down while in the case. I thought the idea was really neat since one usually puts the Macbook in a sleeve after usage and then the Macbook gets pretty hot. Another neat aspect I want to point out is the following: unlike most of the other sleeves and cases this one you use vertically. This allows the case to be in the backpack and you can easily put your Macbook in the sleeve. Overall, I really like the design of this sleeve. Since it is kept very thin (padding-wise) it doesn't add bulk to your Macbook and is perfect for people who do not have large backpacks or bags.

My personal thoughts

I really like this case for its thinness and choice of material. It looks good, can take a beating and is very sleek. However, what I personally do not like too much is the cutout for the Apple logo. I am not a fanboy who needs to show off the Apple logo every time I take my Macbook on the road. I realize that this is personal preference and for some people this might be a plus point for the sleeve. I just thought I'd point it out though. The fit of this sleeve is perfect and other than the logo cutout I didn't have any complains about this sleeve. As a last note please keep in mind that this sleeve offers only minimal to almost no shock protection because of its thinness.

Last note

The people at MacCase were kind enough to send me the backpack also so please look out for the backpack review that I will publish soon.


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Anonymous said...

I recently bought this sleeve and regret buying it for its price of 40 bucks. The only reason I bought this was due to the fact that it advertised mac book pro specs. Sony VAIO sells a similar piece for the sony laptops for about 20 bucks. Anyway, I just feel it is overpriced.