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Review: fabrixcase's Macbook case/bag

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fabrix is a Singaporean company that sells various handmade cases and bags for Macbooks, iPods, digital cameras and much more. Because of the Tucano Second Skin's and Raedan bag's popularity I have decided to review yet another case/bag for the Macbook. I think that the fabrixcase is a worthy addition to the bag/case/sleeve reviews of Days of our Macbooks.

The Material

The material used for the fabrixcase is of high quality. The outside is made out of denim (the same material that jeans are made of). I think that because of the tough material this case can take quite some abuse without ripping. The inside of the bag is padded with a polyester like material. It is not low quality at all, but for my personal taste the material could have been a little "softer". I guess it is personal preference though.

The Design

As for the design of the bag I can say that I really like it. Some people may dislike the fact that velcro is used to close the case but I actually don't mind that at all. One thing that has to be mentioned is that the red stripes part is not padded. The aspect that I like the most about this bag is the back pocket. You can easily fit a college block in there, pens, the power adapter or an iPod. Especially for students the fact that you can fit a notebook in there might be a nice feature. On top, there is a little compartment where you can store your Apple Remote - this is a really nice little feature in my opinion.

The fit and the protection

The bag is fitted perfectly. My Macbook fits in there just fine. Scratch protection is a given since the whole Macbook disappears in the bag. What really is remarkable about this case however, is the padding. If I had to compare it to the Tucano Second Skin, I'd say it has about twice the protection. It actually has a better padding than the incase sleeve in my opinion.

Final thoughts

The cases/bags by fabrix definitely are worth a consideration. You can choose between some design variations and the back pocket surely is a nice feature. I really love the little compartment for the Apple Remote (someone had a really good idea there).
Some little aspects need to be pointed out though. Personally, I think that the inside material could have been a little softer and the upper edge of the Macbook is not protected as well as the rest because the red stripes part is not padded. The price of 40 USD is not too high in my opinion considering the high quality materials used and the fact that these bags are handmade. Shipping is also very inexpensive (9 USD). You have to keep in mind though that shipping time is a little longer since the bags are shipped from Singapore. I had to wait about 3-4 weeks till mine arrived. If you can wait and want a bag that really is manufactured well, has a rock solid padding and some nice little features (back pocket, Apple Remote compartment), I would recommend this bag to you.


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