Friday, December 28, 2007

Boot Camp and the trackpad - my tip

I have just recently found out that the tapping feature on the trackpad is not supported via Boot Camp. Because I use the VX revolution all the time (even on the road) I haven't used the trackpad a lot up till now. However, this week I have been forced to use the trackpad of my Macbook while in Windows and had to realize that tapping just doesn't work.

After playing around with the settings in Windows and the trackpad I have come to the conclusion that tapping is not supported by the Boot Camp drivers yet. However, I have found out something interesting:
you can right-click by placing two fingers on your trackpad and clicking the trackpad button.

I found this very interesting and thought I share this little tip, in case some of my blog readers didn't know about this yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks a lot for this hint!