Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Inquisitor getting bashed!

Inquisitor a very popular plugin for Safari by developer David Watanabe is getting bashed for manipulating the search results with hidden affiliate links (you can read more here on Tuaw). Now, I really did like Inquisitor since it was "freeware" and added a very nice user interface to the google search box that is integrated in Safari. However, can you call a software like Inquisitor that makes money with hidden tactics a real freeware? It really would have been no problem if David Watanabe had mentioned the affiliate links somewhere in the license or if you are able to just turn it off but the current way is just plain wrong. Let's see what will happen with Inquisitor in the future but for now that plugin is uninstalled on my Macbook and if I will ever trust David Watanabe is another issue.

Original article that discovered the questionable placement of affiliate links.

By the way here is a link to MacRumors' forums where you can find uninstall instructions.

Update: Here are some more detailed uninstall instructions for Inquisitor.
The files you need to trash to get rid of Inquisitor completely are the following:

Inquisitor.bundle (in Library/InputManagers/Inquisitor/)
Inquisitor folder (in "user=you"/Library/Application Support/)
inquisitor.pkg (in Library/Receipts/)
inquisitorPreflight.pkg (also in Library/Receipts/)
inquisitor folder (in Library/InputManagers/)


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