Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just ordered myself 2 gigs of Crucial RAM for my Macbook

Today, I finally got around to order myself 2 gigs of RAM by Crucial. Just having 1GB in my Macbook C2D (Nov. 2006), my Macbook would get laggy from time to time so I hope this will fix the performance problems. Even though I seriously considered putting in 3GB of RAM I finally decided to go with a paired kit of 1GB*2. I guess this should be more than enough considering I do not use any heavy memory draining apps like VMware or Parallels. Anyways, I can't wait for them to arrive and see the performance boost. I surely will post about it (maybe some benchmarks) when they arrive.



Marc said...


meine Bestellung aus dem Apple Store kommt hoffentlich Ende Feb. an :)
Wie wärs mit einem "Gastbeitrag" in deinem Blog ? ....

There's something in the Air *pfeiff*


MB-switcher said...

sehr gerne:)
würde mich freuen.