Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sony's iMac Killer?

So is this the iMac Killer produced by Sony? It sure looks nice but I think the iMac is superior to this PC. I sure kind of like the keyboard though that you can fold together.

As a side note: Why do PC review guys always have to match the stereo type car salesman? I guess this is a mystery we will never solve;)



Anonymous said...

The machine looks nice. But damn is that guy annoying or what?? I wanted to smack him 5 seconds into the clip.

Thanks 4 Posting!!

MB-switcher said...

You're right. Somehow many PC reviewers are this way. I think it's really funny;) Imagine Steve Jobs selling his iMacs this way LOL


Rumpel said...

This thing is just a pain in the ass! How poor is that?! Pure iMac Clone and it CAN'T COMPETE IN AAANY WAY WITH the iMac!

MB-switcher said...

Oh well, I don't think it is that bad of a design but it's obvious that the iMac was the model they were trying to imitate and that is a bit sad.