Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another feedback voting!

Hi, so I have some hardware, accessories and software to review. Based on the feedback you guys, the readers give I will post my next review. The list you can choose from is the following:

-macmice iBreeze (laptop cooler)
-Dr. Bott T7 USB 2.0 hub
-Pimp your Finder series (a how-to pimp your Finder series)
-incase Sling Pack

That's the list you can choose from for now. So if you have a favorite why not just leave a short comment? I will post the next review in around 5 days I think since I am kind of busy right now.

Hier ist wiederum eine Liste von möglichen Reviews für den nächsten Post. Ihr könnt wählen welches Produkt Ihr am liebsten wollt. Also am besten einfach einen Comment hinterlassen.



1 comment:

Fearhurst said...

Hi, did you every have a chance to review the Dr. Bott T7 Hub? I have very curious about what you though.