Sunday, August 5, 2007

Refresh Finder 1.2: Will make Switchers feel right at home!

Review: As a recent switcher myself I had a few things that I really didn't like about the Finder. One of the most annoying things that I experienced was the absence of a reload/refresh button for Finder windows. Now, some of you Mac users will claim that this feature is unneeded for the Finder because it refreshes itself. Well, in theory it should but in reality this isn't always the case. Downloaded files don't show up, newly created files are missing, etc. Up until now I used to close a specific window and reopened it to refresh it (however, even this method didn't always work).
Well, do not look any further: I have found a nifty little application that makes switchers feel right at home. It adds the refresh/reload window capability to the Finder and for me it works miracles. No more frustration because of missing files or not displayed files. If you have experienced any trouble finding files because the Finder windows weren't refreshed try out this app. Installation is very easy: download the .dmg (link beneath) and copy the Refresh whereever you like and drag the application to the Finder toolbar. Now you have a little icon in the toolbar you can click whenever you need a refresh. On a sidenote: clicking the toolbar icon refreshes not only the active Finder window but all open Finder windows even when they are inactive. It might be just the application you have been looking for.

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