Sunday, August 12, 2007

Are we stupid?/Sind wir blind?/私たちの目は節穴なのでしょうか?

New Apple Keyboard
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So are we really stupid? Did anyone notice that the new Apple keyboard was kind of weird? I don't know if the "not-so-right-angle" of the new keyboards has any effect on usability or stability of the keyboard but from the first impression I'd say the second version looks better and kinda feels right, too.
Design-wise the new keyboard isn't really that impressive anyways, so I wonder if this is just another mistake Apple made? Or was it intended? I guess we'll never know. I just sure hope that the typing feel of these keyboards are similar to the original Macbook keyboards because if they aren't there really is no reason to buy this, in my opinion, rather mediocre designed keyboard.


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