Friday, August 3, 2007

Bootchamp-A must have for Boot Camp users

Bootchamp is a nifty little freeware I have come across recently. As a Boot Camp user I don't want to miss this little application anymore. Are you annoyed by the fact that everytime you want to boot your Windows XP or Vista via Boot Camp you have to sit in front of your Intel Mac and press the alt key to choose the Boot Camp partition in your bootloader after every reboot? In that case don't look any further. Given you are an OS X user and you occasionally have to use Windows and then have to reboot from OS X to Windows you can do it easily using this. What it does is the following: a pop up window appears after you double-click Bootchamp and asks for your administrator password. After pressing "OK" it boots automatically into your Windows partition without user interaction. This is a time saver (you can go make yourself a cup of coffee while your Mac reboots) and there are nomore "Damn, I missed to press the alt key---now I have to reboot again!" experiences. Try it out and be amazed how such a simple application can be this useful!




Anonymous said...

oder man klickt einfach in den systempfrefernces auf startup disk, und dort auf windows/mac os x dann muss man ebenfalls keine tasten erdrückt halten

MB-switcher said...

kar geht das auch...persoenlich finde ich nur, dass es angenehmer ist einen alias auf dem desktop doppel zu klicken als dann in die System Preferences zu gehen (mehr Klicks und Aufwand fuer mich als ein alias auf dem Desktop oder im Dock). Ist wohl Geschmackssache.