Sunday, August 19, 2007

Apple Keyboard freshly arrived from Japan! / Apple Tastatur frisch aus Japan angekommen! / アップルキーボード日本からようやく到着!

My new Apple Keyboard has just arrived from Japan! Check out the unpacking photos! Review will follow once I have used it intensively.

Meine neue Apple Tastatur ist heute aus Japan eingetroffen! Ein Testbericht folgt sobald ich es intensiv testen konnte.




Anonymous said...

MHC here! That keyboard is absolutely gorgeous!

I wonder though: the new placement of keys might be a bit hard to get used to?

MB-switcher said...

The keyboard layout really takes some getting used to. I think it even has 3 keys that a normal US layout doesn't have. The most annoying thing is the ctrl key though. But other than that the keyboard is really nice up till now.


Anonymous said...

hey mb-s,

where did you order this keyboard? directly from the japanese apple online store?

greets, alex