Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review: iSkin duo for iPod nano 3rd gen. - ultimate protection

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As part II of the iPod related reviews, I decided to post a review on the iSkin duo for the iPod nano 3rd generation. After all you want good sound with your iPod (check out the V-moda Vibe review), but also good protection against scratches and minor shocks.

Package content

What do you get when you purchase the iSkin duo? Well, the package is very complete actually. Obviously you get the silicone case and the front side protector. A very versatile belt clip on is also included and for those iPod users among you that like to carry the iPod around the neck there is a lanyard that connects to the dock connector.


The design of the iSkin duo has changed quite a bit. I have owned the iSkin duo for the 1st gen. iPod nano, and back then you got two full body silicone cases that you applied to your iPod. With the new iSkin duo, the idea of double protection still remains but it has been slightly changed. First off, you use the full body silicone case, which by the way is transparent as you can see in the picture. The plastic belt clip-on is already attached to the transparent case, so if you do not want to use the clip-on I suggest removing it. If you remove it, there will be two holes in the back of the transparent case that you can "close" using a silicone piece that is included in the package to ensure perfect protection. After having put the iPod in the transparent case you can attach the front piece that is made of hard plastic. This front shield covers the whole front side of the iPod except the click wheel.


The protection that the iSkin duo provides is very good in my opinion. The silicone case seems to be very tough and the people at iSkin have come up with a very neat solution for those people who do not want to use the clip-on as mentioned above. One aspect that I really like about the transparent case is the fact that it even protects the dock connector port and the headphone port. This is very unique and I haven't seen this on any other silicone based case so far. The front shield covers the whole front (display included) so there won't be any way that you can scratch up your iPod while it is in the iSkin duo. The protection value of the iSkin duo is very good and in my opinion probably the best that you can get right now.

My personal thoughts

I personally like the iSkin duo (already liked it when I was using my first generation iPod nano). I really like the fact that it protects my iPod very well. Another aspect that is worth mentioning is the versatility of this case. You can clip it to your belt when you go out running, or hang it around your neck when you are strolling through the streets, or you can just put it in your pocket. At first, I was skeptical about the new design but it offers a huge plus point compared to the older version - it does not add as much bulk, even though you have double protection. The only negative aspect that I have to mention is the following: it is kind of a hassle to get the front shield on. I had to "massage" the silicone skin quite a bit until the front shield was attached perfectly. However, this is just minor since usually you do this just once:) iSkin offers the iSkin duo in many color variations so there should be a color for everybody. If you are on the lookout for complete protection with style and the possibility to carry around your iPod in different ways this is the case you should get.



Marc said...

Bekommste auch mal was fürs iPhone? :D

Meine Zoom Objektiv müsste die nächsten Tage kommen. Wenn ichs da hab scheib ich n kl. Artikel mit Bildern für dich :)

Mein Air lässt immernoch auf sich warten :(


MB-switcher said...

hast mail...falls du noch interesse hast an iphone produkten:)

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