Monday, May 5, 2008 - online backups for mac users also

So I have read a few blog entries about the online backup service mozy and that it got updated for Mac users also. Since it seems to be a very good service and it gets hyped in various places on the net I decided to give it a spin. I have signed up for a free account that gives you a storage of 2GB and downloaded the software also. I am still a bit skeptical to upload private things to an online backup service so I just selected some folders with random files in it to test out the software and the speed of mozy's online backup service. First of all the software that you need will be running in the menubar and it is very easy to select the stuff that you want mozy to backup (there are quite a lot of predefined backup rules in mozy which makes backing up a lot easier). Then there is another section where you can select custom folders that you want to be backupped also.

I have already selected what I wanted to be backupped this weekend but had trouble connecting to the servers. But today I was able to connect to the mozy servers and am currently trying my first backup. Currently, I am backing up about 250 MB of random data and according to the software it will take a bit over an hour till the process will be finished.

I guess I will post about the backup once it is finished.
Up till now I am very impressed about the simplicity that mozy offers.
If you are interested you should check out their site and try out the free storage of 2GB first and if you are satisfied you can opt for different plans.

Mozy Online Backup Homepage



Backup Right said...

There are great systems out there that can help with a computer backup especially for MAC users.

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